Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Another year of dressing up and getting high on sugar is over. It was hilarious to watch Corgan prance around as Peter Pan, Lily flit about as Tinkerbell, and Blake as Mr. Smee (thanks mo'reen), sitting there taking it all in. (he was awake from 2:30pm-7:30pm...he didn't want to miss a thing!) This year I decided to rock it 80's style and Aaron was a jolly ol' chap. (yeeears ago he received a collection of dress-up mustache's and had never worn any of them. he decided that this year he would break 'em open.) We hit the downtown trick-or-treating and then up at the church for trunk-or-treat. Thanksgiving here we come! Oh--and only 54 days left until Christmas.

Mr. Smith/Chaplin
Rockin' RachelDowntown Crew--Blake, Corgan, Cash Hajny, Adrianna Foxx, Lily, Connor ShoenwaldTinkerbell & Peter PanTinkerbell, Mr. Smee, Peter PanMR. SMEE!!


TheDillon6 said...

how CUTE! They are all adorable, but for sure, Mr. Smee takes the prize...hysterical!! :) So THIS moustache was fake, Aaron...was the other one?

Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

I totally realized after looking at your blog that I spelled Smee wrong! I'm so my mother's daughter. He looks so dang cute! As do Tinker and Peter!