Saturday, November 17, 2007

what's a mechanic?

Growing up, whenever we had car problems my dad did all the fixin'. Be it a simple oil change, new head gasket, shocks, brakes, whatever---he did it. Seemed like our automobiles always had something wrong with them. I had fun helping out my dad as he worked on the cars; handing him the tools he needed, playing in the garage, or just sitting next to him watching him work. Taking a car in to have it fixed was something I don't remember happening.
Looking back I can now see how it probably was just a way for my mom to get a few kids out of the house....send 'em outside while Dad worked on the cars. Well, the enjoyment has carried over into my adult life. But maybe not as much as I now know how much parts cost.
Aaron and I totally cursed ourselves when we got married--- a May marrying a Smith was cementing our auto problems for life. Wednesday, our '67 Volvo decided that the Vanagon was getting all the attention and it's clutch went out, too. We ordered the part online and it arrived today. Aaron left to meet his brother Nate, to get the part we need for the Vanagon. He asked if I would get the Volvo ready for him to work on when he got back home. He showed me what I needed to do and while he was gone I took out the clutch master cylinder. All by myself. Here's what it looks like....
Aaron did the rest when he got home. We now have a working car! ;) Which leads me into 3 things that I am thankful for this week---
1--Wonderful friends who helped us the 3 days we were without transportation. We were able to borrow our neighbors' car to take Corgan to and from preschool and to run a few errands the other days. And the other friends who were so willing to help us out.
2--This goes along with the first one...I'm thankful for a car that is working again. ((knock on wood)) And the Vanagon should be fixed by tomorrow night!! YAY!
3--SNOW!!!! It finally snowed today!!! Since we've lived here the first snowfall has happened in the week following Halloween. It's been a long time coming and we are so excited that it's finally snowing outside!!!!


Stan and Jamie said...

Very impressed!!! I hope your cars are working for you soon!!!!!