Thursday, November 29, 2007


I know it's already been a week since Thanksgiving and I am now just posting about it. I have been super busy this week getting ready for the Ware Fair. This year Bekah (Wilson) and I are sharing a booth. And since I always seem to wait till the very last second to do or plan anything, the past few days have been filled with painting, cutting, mod podge-ing, baking sugar cookies and trying to keep Aaron from eating them all. It started today and will end on Saturday. Right now I'm at home while the kids take their naps then it will back to selling my wares. Back to's always nice to see and visit with family you don't see often. Aaron's Aunt and Uncle from Coos Bay, OR (go pre!) come up every year with their boys. (i say boys but the youngest is 22 and the oldest is 34ish) It was a lot of fun seeing everyone and doing what we do every Thanksgiving: playing soccer, butt ball-- I'm not sure if it's a "Smith thing" or not, but it's entertaining to watch, gorging ourselves on good food, hanging out and playing's was all nice. Here's a few random shots from Thanksgiving....

Cousin Ike @ soccer game

Lily @ soccer game

This is Trench coat. Before I knew him as Bro. Williams (he's in Aaron's mom and dad's ward), I was told horror stories of Trench coat and his slide tackles, trash talk, and mad soccer skills. When Aaron told me that Bro. Williams was Trench coat, I couldn't believe it could be the same man. The Bro. Williams I knew was a cheery, laid back kind of guy. I thought Aaron was joking, but come the next Thanksgiving, there he was in all his glory; wearing his trademarked trench coat. And this year I snapped the perfect picture of him!

Butt Ball-- l to r- aaron, cousin ike, cousin matt, bro mike, cousin nate, bro nate

Stuffing our faces at dinnerBlake the tree hugger

Lily playing frisbee golf

The boys playing frisbee golf---it was fah-reezing!

Thankful things:

1-Bret Simpson.

2-Blake. I'm thankful for all of my kids but this one goes out to Blake. He is crawling!!! Albeit a very slow awkward crawl, but he can get from here to there and is loving it. He'll be crawling over to where he saw me leave the room and when I come back in he'll drop to his tummy and it looks like he's playing charades and is trying to swim. It's so cute! I love him! Oh--and he's been sleeping through the nights! Hallelujah!!

3-Warm house. It's been snowing nonstop since yesterday evening and it's so nice to come inside to a warm house.


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Haha! That's awesome.