Friday, October 24, 2014

cronut success!!

Somebody call Dominique Ansel and tell him I'm opening up his west coast shop selling these beautiful bits of pastry!

Per the recipe, it takes three whole days to create these masterpieces of dough. Nothing was super-duper difficult, it is just an extremely precise process and there is no room for mistakes. NBD....

And now, some pictures of the process:

That's it, folks. Three days of labor and love to feed those I love a piece of New York.

In the released recipe from Good Morning America, there a few different flavors you could whip up. I went with the lemony one.

The cronut is filled with a white chocolate lemon ganache, rolled in lemon sugar and drizzled in a basic icing.

The two things that I had issues with were keeping the oil at the correct temperature. Kinda hard to do on the stove top of our unreliable burners. The other thing was not having the correct size of cutter-outer. I just used the sugar cookie cutter I have. So they aren't as tall as they should be, but still, delicious! Aaron was impressed....and those of you who know him and his food lovin' ways....that means a lot!


SarahJane said...

I'm impressed too.