Monday, May 5, 2014

one to remember

"Dad? Can I go up there?"


"Can I go now?"

"Yeah. Just sit on the bench and wait for your turn."

She walks up the aisle with all the courage in her little, now fast-beating heart.

She sits carefully on the padded bench with her hands tucked under her legs.

Her head is just barely visible to those in the congregation.

She waits. Her eyes looking around nervously trying to figure out if she has made a mistake.

The man talking finishes and walks off the stand.

It's her turn.

She stands up and walks to the pulpit.

Two brethren help her with the step-stool and microphone.

With a shaky draw of a deep breath, she shares the truth of what she believes.

She steps off the stool and returns to the side of her dad who gives her shoulders a squeeze.

Lily has just stood in front of hundreds of people and shared her testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and her love for her Heavenly Father.

She is my hero.


maggie said...

And my hero,too. Love her!

kmay and mike said...


Hoovy4 said...

So brave! Way to go Lily!