Friday, May 9, 2014


So Monday, Aaron calls me from work just after his second period class was exiting his classroom.

"You need to come get me."

He was running a 104' temperature and most definitely was in no shape to be teaching. And because he commutes to work in a vanpool, I was to be his ride home.

I loaded the three kids who are at home with me and drive the 48 miles to rescue him. Back at home, he collapses into bed and stays there until about 9 that night. Tries to eat some toast and then crashes again until the next morning.

He returned to work on Wednesday, but really hasn't started feeling 100% yet. I've told him to stay far away from me 'cause I can't call in a sub if I get sick.


I don't think I've told you that one of my very best friends is in her 70's. She's 75 years old and is absolutely wonderful in every way.


Carly took her first bath in the big tub yesterday. Of course Cade, her over-protector, was there to hold her.


I have a twitter account. Not that I do a whole lot on it. I mainly use it for no real reason. Maybe to follow Jimmy Fallon. That guy is hilarious. Anyways, as of yesterday I am now following all of the Apostles and First Presidency of the church, on twitter. Yes, folks, they all now have twitter accounts.  ((with the exception of Pres. Monson)) Elder Ballard and Elder Holland have been the only two to actually tweet a message, but I think it's the coolest thing.


Jolie said...

I have never "tweeted" before, but I did sign up a year or so ago for the sole purpose of following Jimmy Fallon and playing along with his Hashtags. Those are hilarious!!! It would be pretty awesome to have something I submitted to Jimmy Fallon read on national TV. But I keep forgetting to check it!