Thursday, February 6, 2014


Can we talk about it for just one second?

I know the rest of the nation is already moving on from the most awesome and absolutely amazing Super Bowl's ever played in history.

But seriously.

It was only boring to those of you who aren't Seahawk fans. The 12th Man is real. 700,000+ fans lined the streets of Seattle yesterday for a parade celebrating those boys on the team. And I'm inclined to believe that they know they have something special with all of us loving them.

Fer real.

{photo from facebook}
Peyton Manning is, for all intents and purposes, going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback. And he threw only one, teeny-tiny touchdown the entire game. It wasn't a scrimmage. It wasn't a pre-season game. It wasn't a regular season game. Heck, it wasn't even a playoff game. The Seahawks kept him from scoring in the Super Bowl.


The Seahawks are as good as they say they are.

And that whole thing about Richard Sherman not being classy. Whatever. I've said worse things after a church basketball game when I was 14. He has the skills to back-up everything he says.

The cooler was filled with Bronco tears instead of Gatorade.

{i obviously did not take this picture}

Our tummy's were full of food.

See those cupcake doo-dads? I saw them on some cupcakes at Fred Meyer and I asked the bakery lady if I could buy some and she said yes. The end. True story.

Pork carnitas, anyone?

Fried chicken wings?

This year was our 10 year anniversary for watching the Super Bowl with our friends David and Jaclyn. We bonded for life over the "wardrobe malfunction" with JT and Miss Jackson. 10 years ago, we each only had one kid. Now we have 12 between the two of us.

And somehow, some other friends cars were tagged during church. Not sure who's responsible for that. But whoever did it is really awesome.

Cellphone photo of a very happy boy watching that very exciting football game.




((favorite part between :32-:41 seconds))
Just 'bout that action boss.