Thursday, January 30, 2014

fluffy white stuff

We finally got some snow two nights ago.

And then there's this white stuff.
We blessed her two weeks ago.
((the blanket she's laying on was made by Aaron's sister, Anna. all of our babies have been blessed with it. something for them to fight over when we die.))

 She's much more fun to play with.


ericksonzone said...

Such a beautiful baby and dress. Love those pics of her being so cute.

Puhlman said...

OH she is so precious Rachel. I love the dress too. WOW..such an angel. I am so so happy you got another girl. I know Lilly will love having a sister.

kmay and mike said...

I want your baby girl. She is adorable!
Oh and if I have a girl, I'm borrowing that dress.