Tuesday, September 3, 2013

random week(end) review

Labor Day weekend is huge here. The Fair and Rodeo come to town and nothing else matters. Traffic gets crazy, manure in the streets, real cowboys can be seen, real posers are also in abundance. I saw enough cut-off shorts/cowboy boot/straw hat outfits to last a lifetime.

So I left town for one of those days and went on our yearly trek to get peaches. I've said it before but it's worth repeating, "the peaches that come from Verhey's are the best peaches in the world." Amen.

We picked about 35lbs. and then also got a 20 lb. box of pre-picked peaches out of the cooler.
And since Royal City is where Mr. Smith teaches, we stopped in so the kids could run all around his classroom and color all over his whiteboard.

Saturday was most likely my last time running while pregnant. My underbelly doesn't like the bouncing so much. I made it to 26 weeks. Not too shabby, considering how phat I am.

Sunday's view down into the pit of the Rodeo.

On Monday, while everyone else in the county was getting in their last day at the Fair, we went on a hike with some friends.

Part of which required the kids to slide down a steep hill on their bums. It was Cade's favorite part.

I give you, Umtanum Falls. Not quite the Niagara, but impressive for being in the middle of nowhere.

Yes. We did forget Oneil's shoes. The rascal on the left belongs to our friends.

And Cade was the original wearer of the pirate git-up. But Blake gladly took over when Cade decided it was too hot to be dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow.


Maytribe said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Captain Jack Sparrow rocks!

Melissa said...

I am impressed you made it to 26 weeks while still running. I usually give it up before the first trimester is over. Good job!
It's amazing how many times we went somewhere this summer and Abby didn't have shoes...and she just turned six. You'd think that would be old enough to remember to put on shoes before getting in the car, but apparently it's not... :)