Wednesday, August 28, 2013

r.i.p. summer of 2013

And just like that, summer is over and dead.

At least for Mr. is his first day back in the classroom with the students. His mandatory, beginning of the school year training meetings started last Friday.

He's decided to go old-school this year and wear a white shirt and tie everyday.

Trying to keep it classy.

The kids enter the confines of the classroom next Wednesday. They are just ready and waiting to start their 180 day sentence.

I do plan on posting pictures and tidbits of what the heck we did all summer. For instance, the above picture was taken at the Trinity Church while I was in New York City for a week with my mom and sisters.


I know. It was awesome. I ate a lot of food that I took pictures of, met a couple of famous peeps who have already forgotten meeting the wonderful and fabulously pregnant me. 

Did you forget that I was pregnant? 

I sometimes do.

Down to the last 3 months-ish of my last pregnancy.

Goes by fast when you're not the one packing on the pounds.


maggie said...

Good to hear from you again. I was feeling a void in my day when I would check and nothin' would be there!

kmay and mike said...

Glad your back!!