Wednesday, May 22, 2013

the real reason we went down to portland

Our yearly, third weekend in May trip down to Portland is so Aaron can satiate his Volvo cravings.
There's a company called IPD and they have been selling Volvo parts and accessories for the last 50 years. Seriously, 50 years. This year was the big 50 year anniversary.
Minus the year Lily was born, Aaron and I have gone down every year since we've been married.
He loves Volvos.
He love Jesus.
He loves me.
In that order.

While there, you see groups of people gathered around cars with their hoods up.

Talking car talk.

Admiring the end result of many hours of love and labor.

Along the streets are Volvos as far as the eye can see.
It really is a beautiful sight.

I have grown to have a love and appreciation for Vintage Volvos and their owners.

Aaron is not a fair weather Volvo owner. He loves Volvos in the same way someone is a die-hard fan for their sports team. He loves them when they are fixed up and pretty.

He loves them when they are broken and ugly.

{fyi...the above Volvo has been left looking that way on purpose. and it's beautiful}

Besides having markdowns on new car parts, there's a section of parking lot dedicated to used parts. 

For Aaron, this is the equivalency of someone with a gambling habit walking into a Las Vegas casino.

He loses track of time, doesn't eat, spends cash money like it grows on trees. 

But most importantly he is in Vintage Volvo heaven. 
Where he belongs.


volvorelix said...
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elswedo said...

thanks for the nice blog post. wish I had been there for the 50th anniversary. enjoyed your pics.

ray-ray says said...

@volvorelix....Oh, I know it's neither ugly or broken. The Duett is my husbands all-time favorite Volvo. And we both love how the exterior looks used and the interior is restored. Beautiful inside and out!