Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a choppy review of our annual trip down south

We went to Oregon last weekend.

The road takes us down to the Columbia River.
There's a full-size Stonehenge replica off to the left and we finally took the time to stop and walk around it.
It was the first monument built in the United States dedicated to the dead of WW1.

First up was a stop at Seaside.

It was windy.

A couple of years ago, Aaron went on short road trip with his Dad. One of the places they stopped to eat was in Astoria. Aaron has not stopped talking about this place since then.

Behold, the Bowpicker!

If you love fish n' chips, then you will fall in love with these.
They sell fish and they sell chips, that's it.

I love their hours of operation sign.
11ish to 6ish.

This is where you get your drinks. They do it fancy.

They make it when you order, so it's a bit of a wait, but it is so worth it.
The batter must be made by angels 'cause it is so light and airy. 
And the fish is fresh and so, so delicious.

Aaron hates heights.
Which makes for some amusing time climbing the Astoria Column.
At his expense.

Some pretty amazing views from atop the Column.


On Pinterest, I came across a photograph of a cool looking stone house thing. After further digging, I found out it was off a trail in Portland.
So even in the rain we hiked up the trail to see it.

Here it is, the Stone House or also know as the Witches House. 

Oh, and here's some salmonberries. 


SSToone said...

Thanks for the great tips! We're going to Fort Stevens at the end of June/beginning of July. Beautiful pics!