Thursday, March 21, 2013

right now, they're playing the wii

The kids are on spring break this week. They match up with the University's spring break. Mr. Smith's spring break isn't until the week after next. It's like that every year. 
To break up their break, we left Mr. Smith here and travelled over the Pass to visit some friends. 

Corgan doesn't want me to cut his hair. He thinks he's Frodo.

Coolest trampoline. 

If you listen closely, you'll hear him softly serenading you with, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee".

The day we came home, there was a snow storm in the mountians. Just a few hours before we headed home traction tires were required and chains required on all semi's. We waited for the break in the weather and darted over the Pass in heavy rains.

And just because it was really cool, here's what the clouds did yesterday.
They made a mountain in the sky.