Monday, March 18, 2013

don't worry, he'll grow it out again in time for halloween

This is what I've been living with the past couple of months.
I can't even remember when his last haircut was.
December 31st was when he stopped shaving.

Our friend Jill, master hairstylist to the stars, cut his hair Friday night.
Saturday morning he started hacking off his facial hair.

Not sure what this one is:

Officially, this is know as the Van Dyke, Goatee's don't have the mustache. They grow around here almost as prolific as the Timothy Hay.
He'd fit in real nice 'round town.

Even sportin' the Fu Manchu, nobody would blink an eye.

I can't think of a single person who looks good with a mustache....
besides Aaron.

Poof! All that hard work, gone.

Oneil wanted in on the picture action.