Friday, March 1, 2013

coat tails

An awesome mom from around here put together a little field trip to the fire station for the kids last Friday. Ironically, her kids were sick the day of the outing so they couldn't go.

Alanis Morissette: Is that the correct use of the term "ironic"?

One of the big rigs was being worked on and they were able to check out the engine.

About halfway through the tour, Blake and Cade needed to "go". I was helping Cade button up his pants only to turn around and find that Oneil had found the stash of lady products.


Cade nearly had a heart attack when he saw this in one of the stalls. He now firmly believes that Transformers are real and we have one living in our town.

I mainly followed Oneil around while the others were held in rapture with all the information the very nice fire fighter was filling minds with.

After it was all done, Blake needed to go to school. Since we didn't have time to go home to grab some lunch, we stopped at Safeway and grabbed the most nutrient packed doughnut to fill his tummy.

I can sometimes be an awesome mom, too.


ericksonzone said...

How fun! Doughnut included.