Monday, December 3, 2012

Aaron was gone all day Saturday filling the role of Mr. Smith playing chaperon to the students who rode the rooter bus to watch their high school football team in the state playoffs. He left home at 3:30 in the morning (!) to meet up with the other teachers going and then drive the almost hour to the high school and then ride the bus for almost three hours over the mountains to the Tacoma Dome.

Did he get paid for this little excursion? No, he did not. But he got his ticket for the game paid for. The perks of being a teacher are awesome.

While he was gone, I took all five kids grocery shopping. The perks of being a mom are awesome.

And thanks to Corgan for snapping this picture, you can all see what we did yesterday after church. Lily was watching My Little Pony episodes on youtube. The perks of having church from 9-12 are awesome.


kmay and mike said...

you are sleeping oh so soundly. :) Good thing Corgan is so responsible and kept the house from burning down or something :)