Friday, November 30, 2012

random pictures

Oneil says, "dad-dad" and "mom-mom".
It's cuter than cute.

He also says his best interpretation of Blake's name. 


My children are all deathly afraid of any animal. Cats and dogs make them run and scream in terror. But give them some stale bread and they face an army of ducks without hesitation. Go figure. 

This sight warms my heart. 

These two cousins are already up to no good together. 

And happy birthday to this handsome devil of a boy.
We love you!


Hoovy4 said...

That picture of Blake and Oneil is priceless. And I expect Lincoln to burst out with one of his cute lion rawr's any minute!

kmay and mike said...

All of these photos are great! Especially the last one :) darn sexy birthday boy!