Thursday, November 15, 2012

no reasonable person...

The one time when Corgan was about 8 months old, taking a bath in the kitchen sink, Aaron was playing peek-a-boo with him. Aaron started at the sink just bending at the knee and popping up, but eventually moved further away until he was around the corner. Corgan wanted to see his daddy, so he stood up in the sink and promptly fell out and landed on his head. He was throwing up and wanting to go to sleep. We rushed him to Children's down in Tacoma, after a scan and examination, he was released with thankfully only a bump.

The one time when my Dad was stopped at the bottom of the hill on Highway 18 going towards Federal Way. Traffic was backed up. The full size diesel truck, carrying a load of whatever, did not see the thousands of brake lights and hit my Dad's 4-door sedan. Crushed it like a pop can. When everything stopped moving, the car was flipped onto its passenger side. The drivers seat, and my Dad, were thankfully untouched.

The one time when Corgan was about 14 months old. I was at my parent's house and my mom and I went to a few stores while Corgan slept. My Dad home with him. We come home to find my Dad's car gone, us without a house key. We listened outside the bedroom window to Corgan, who was now wide awake, playing in the crib. We called my Dad and asked him where he was. "On the way home from the post office." was his reply. "Do you have someone riding along with you?" we asked. "No, should I?.............I should. I'll be home in about 5 minutes." he said. Thankfully, we can laugh about that one.

The one time when I failed to look left twice when making a left-hand turn. The car t-boned my car. They hit my door going 40 mph. The glass in all the windows were either shattered or cracked, all except my driver's side window. Thankfully, I only had the wind knocked out of me.

The one time when I was running late for church. Cade was only about 2 months old. I pulled into the church parking lot and rushed inside with the kids. Sat down next to Aaron who had been to the church early for a meeting, just as they were in the middle of singing the opening hymn. He turns to me and I smile back at him, mentally high-fiving myself for not being too late. He opens his mouth and asks, "Where's the baby?" It takes me a couple of seconds to realize that he was referring to our baby. My baby that I completely left in the van. I rush back outside and retrieve him from the van. Thankfully, we can laugh about that one, too.

The one time we were at a family reunion and Lily was out in the lake, floating in a tube. Lily slipped through and went under the water. Thankfully, her aunt was right there to pluck her up.

The one time when Blake was 3 years old, we were down in Oregon for Thanksgiving. The kids had been outside playing, burning off some energy waiting for the turkey to cook. They all came back inside, about 10 minutes pass and I look around and asked where Blake was. He was not inside. He was not in the immediate outside area. Six adults were outside frantically looking for him up and down the streets. A car passes by, inside the man said that his wife had Blake. They had found him wandering up the street a block over, headed towards the busy street. They knew someone would be out looking for him, so the man had been driving up and down the streets looking for us who were looking for Blake while she stayed with Blake. Thankfully, Blake was found by a nice couple.

How many "one time's" do you have?


Hoovy4 said...

Nice memories. I have enough "one time's" to fill a few blog posts. Never heard the one about dad going to the post office! Funny.

Jolie said...

Too many to still be in the running for 'mother of the year'!!

In Aug. we were at a murky lake in Idaho and Joanna was determined to swim without her floaty-thingies on her arms. She was walking around and without warning stepped into a muddy drop off and went under without a sound. My back was turned. Thank God (literally!) Josh was keeping a watchful eye because he sprinted in and pulled her right out. If he hadn't been paying attention, we might have lost her that day.

I could tell you about 3 stories involving Jayden...oh yeah! and then remember the day in May when I thought I'd lost Jayden at the preschool but it turned out I am just a airhead and left him at home?! ha

kmay and mike said...

Can't wait for all my "one times" to happen! But I'm always a reasonable person so maybe not. :)