Thursday, November 1, 2012

have a holly, jolly halloween

This year we had Iron Man, Witch, Mario and Luigi pre-puberty before facial hair, and a Puppy.

This is one of the streets where some of the coolest trick-or-treating goes down.
So pretty during the day, but once evening rolls around, those unsuspecting houses turn into houses of horrors and candy shops. One house has a hooded guy revving up a chainsaw every year. It's pretty awesome.

See? Candy shops.

After a few houses, they became brave enough to go up to the doors all by themselves. Which of course means less walking we have to do to earn our share of the candy.


He didn't mind just strolling along behind. Easiest puppy in the world.

The "Christmas Halloween house", as Cade called it.

Dog tired puppy.

Our pumpkins all lit up.

And a very thoughtful note the neighbor girl left outside their door with the box of candy for trick-or-treaters to pick through.

And this is what I looked like all evening. Call it Snooki. Lolita. Halloween night street walker. Or maybe it's what I'd look like if I finally decided become the pop star I've never dreamed about. Whatever it is, I made sure to take a picture in a bathroom to make it fit in with all the other Official Girl Photos out there. Duck face included with no extra charge.

And this is what Mr. Smith looks like today. Today is the Day of the Dead and since 90% of his students are Mexican, he thought he'd paint his face for the occasion.

They said, "Hey Meester, Halloween was yesterday."


Hoovy4 said...

Your Official Girl Photo is missing one with your mouth wide open sticking out your tongue!(I HATE those!)

Puhlman said...

I think you look quite sexy with dark hair. I think that should be you new 'look'.

ray-ray says said...

Very funny, Lisa. Besides, I'm too lazy to have to deal with keeping up with the hair dyeing. And just think of all the stained towels and clothes...just wouldn't work. :)