Tuesday, October 30, 2012

carving up some family fun

We went to our local pumpkin patch and let the kids pick out their favorite one.

Corgan. Spellcheck always wants me to change his name to Corona. 

Not exactly sure why he's crying here. Maybe someone looked at him, breathed on him, thought of him. 

Eating caramel popcorn while carving pumpkins adds a little flavor to it. That you don't want.

I thought I'd try carving something yellow.

Lily didn't want any help at all this year. Of course, her pumpkin was made of steel which made it super easy for her to accomplish the goal she set forth. 

This has nothing to do with pumpkins but, this one has taken up coloring like Picasso. Or actually more like Jackson Pollock. Coloring in the lines are for conformists.


Maytribe said...

I think the pumpkins on the bottom of the grocery cart of the best....