Thursday, October 25, 2012

hal-o-ween or hollow-ween

We are in the full swing of Halloween mode around here with things like:

-Aaron being put in charge of the the Spook Alley again for this Saturday's ward party.

-He finally decided what he is going to be for Halloween and accidentally dyed one of my whites definitely not white.

-Our kids costumes have also finally been decided.

-Only one of them require any sort of handmade assistance.

-We're going the recycled-costume route this year.

-I'm pretty excited about mine.

-I've been gathering this and that from the thrift stores for over a month.

-Thanks to a cold, if Halloween were today I could go as Lindsay Lohan, my voice sounds just like hers.

-"We only wear pink on Wednesdays."

-In case you haven't found your Halloween mojo, watch this. It'll help.