Wednesday, October 17, 2012

field trip

Aaron's birthday was on Sunday.

But on Friday I went to work with him. I thought it would be fun to tag along and hang out with him for the day. I had to wake-up at 5:20 in the morning. That's love right there. I don't ever get up that early.

To have the full experience of what his day is like, I rode the bike to where the van pool meets and rode the 50 miles in the 12 passenger van with the other commuting teachers. I'm going to go on the record saying that could be a hit sitcom or at least an SNL skit....the teacher's van pool. I should have written down some of the things that were discussed. Comedic gold.

To embarrass me, he had me take role for some of the classes. The high school is about 85-90% Hispanic. I need Rosetta Stone.

I haaaaated math in high school. Having teachers that made it seem less torturous was a good thing.
Being able to relate and interact with a classroom full of teenagers while also teaching them one of the most hated subjects is not an easy task. It was fun hanging out with him at work, seeing him do what he loves and is really good at doing.

And of course on his birthday, he had his Cherry Delight. The only "cake" he's had for his birthday since he can remember.

That's a bundle of 34 candles. I can't remember when it began, but we just keep adding a candle to the bundle each year. They're almost burned down to nubs, so I think next year we'll have to retire the blob of wax and start over.


kmay and mike said...

What's a cherry delight??? Also is Aaron bi lingual now? :)