Monday, May 7, 2012

you know the feeling

But substitute in all the normal mom stuff that sometimes seems to take up every waking minute. Why can't it go back to when I had all sorts of time to do what I want like before I had kids?

Then I can sleep all night, wake-up late. Make what I want to eat and not what I think five kids will. Only do a few loads of laundry a week and not a million. Read books that have more plot than how everyone poops. Take my time in the shower without having to worry about what hell is being loosened up. Having peace and quiet. No more singing silly songs.  Not having to step on cars, legos. No squishy hugs or sloppy kisses. Not have tiny hands and tiny voices call my name, wanting me, needing me.

Never mind.

Feeling swamped is a good thing.


Jolie said...

Oh hunny I SO know the feeling. ;-)
And is it just me or does it feel like more gets added to our plate with every passing year? Ug!