Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sooner or later it had to happen

I spent 10 hours on the road last Friday.

I drove a truck (thanks Jill!) and trailer over to meet Mr. Smith at his place of work. I can count on four fingers how many times I had driven a truck before then, and none of those times was a trailer following me. I'm happy to report that I made it without crashing.

This is what Mr. Smith's whiteboard looked liked on Friday. He is an extremely organized teacher. Good luck on your chapter 9 test tomorrow students! Hahaha. I hated math in high school. Loved my teachers, hated math.

This is us entering the Spokane Valley. The birthplace of my father. His dad, my Grandpa May, was a sports writer for the Spokesman Review for many, many years. The stories I could regale you with...he was a pretty amazing man.

If I am  ever within a 100 mile radius of Spokane, I always force whomever I am traveling with to eat at the best restaurant in the land. If you want so-so Asian food, you eat at P.F. Chang's or other such establishments. If you want the best Asian food you've ever had in your life, you eat at Gordy's. Aaron took a picture of me taking a picture of that wonderful place.

I hope you don't mind close-up's of food, 'cause here are a couple. They don't have forks for their to-go orders, so I forced myself to finally figure out how to use chopsticks. But I totally would have used my fingers.

The best homemade pork dumplings. 

And then I stopped taking pictures and gorged myself full of excellent food.

So why did we need a truck and trailer? Well, down this road in Hayden, Idaho was what we were after.

This beautiful piece of Swedish metal had sat for the past 12 years. The man who owned it had finally relented to the fact that it would only continue to sit untouched. He posted an ad, and my husband saw that ad and now that 1960 Volvo 544 is a part of our family.

It was a steal of a deal. The guy also had a brand new engine rebuild kit, brand new dash, new exhaust, and a couple boxes full of other new parts that he had purchased when the dream was still alive in him.

Cute baby in the back of the truck.

They slid the car...yes, slid, the back two tires weren't pumped up, out of the garage and up on the trailer.

First time that car has been outside in 12 years.

Aaron was one very excited little boy.

These boys don't know it yet, but they also have embedded in their DNA the love for all things vintage Volvo.

And here she is in all her glory. 

Don't have a name yet. That will probably happen after she's had a fresh coat of paint put on her. Here's what I'm hoping the color will be...

And a fun little fact about the Volvo 544, Harrison Ford injured his chin at the age of 20 when his car, a Volvo 544, hit a telephone pole in Northern California. The scar is visible in his films.

The end.


kmay and mike said...

You should call her Harriet.

Plain City Dickamores said...

what a fine lookin car.. i still think my conversations on the phone were right. I guess erik and uncle Aaron can have a race to see who gets theirs done faster. the volvo or the bronco...