Friday, April 20, 2012

down and bday derby

Yesterday was a fine day.

We celebrated the fifth birthday of my middle child. Aaron is also the middle child of his family, random fact that might explain a few things about him.

Blake told his pre-school teacher that he liked the way being five felt.

Corgan also had his first Pinewood Derby.

He and his dad worked on the car very carefully and were very happy with how it turned out. Before the race, Aaron looked through some boxes and found his old Cub Scout hat. Corgan's retro. Or hipster. Either way, he loves the hat.

His car is the far one on the left. Weighed in at exactly 5 ounces.

His first heat down the track.

When all was said and done, he came in 14th. Out of 18.

Here is where it get down and derby...

-they wouldn't let him put graphite in the wheels after it was weighed.
-they only raced the cars a total of four times.
-on his 3rd race, the guy in charge of placing the cars on the track dropped Corgan's car.

While everyone else in the gym was gasping, I, in my most lady like of voices said, "Oh, shiz!"
Akin to this situation:

His car was cracked.

But we all left happy and know how to improve. Corgan with his car and me biting my tongue.

And now I have to try and get through my day without eating what's left of the birthday boys' cake.


The Dillon 6 said...

Shiz or %&#! ?

either way, I love you. :)

ray-ray says said... was actually "shiz". But I was watching my son's hardwork bounce off the hardwood. Acceptable? Probably not. Called for? Heck yes. Haha!

Maytribe said...

As long as you left with you head held high and Corgan happy...all is well!