Friday, December 9, 2011

the end

It was awesome.
Live music is so good.
So good.

Our seats were in the section where we got to keep our arm and legs but it made our noses bleed.
Before the first group started at 4, we walked around the Key Arena and reminisced about the Super Sonics. We walked into one section and watched the behind the scene stuff going on, you know, behind the scene. As it was starting, the very nice usher said we could watch it all from there if we wanted. It pays to be nice. So we watched the show from there and was able to see all the bands before they headed out on stage. Which was way cool 'cause when Foster the People were down below us we got their attention and Aaron said something smooth like, "You guys rock!". I, of course turned into a teenager and professed my undying love for all of them. Aaron wasn't embarrassed at all. 

After they played two songs, we headed up to our official seats to get the full sound effect from the gigantic speakers. The bass was felt in our souls, it was so loud and so good.

Finished off with our favorite usher, tucked in the corner of the side stage for Mumford and Sons.
They have moved way up on my list of favorite bands.

And what would a late night in Seattle be without a run to Dick's?

We got back home around 3 in the morning.
Totally worth the sleep deprivation.


Hoovy4 said...

Yep. Live music (especially with multiple bands) is totally worth the sleep deprivation.

kmay and mike said...

ahhh you have the life. 3 times in less than 6 months?! I'm only a tad bit jealous. :)

Plain City Dickamores said...

Glad you had a great time, also i love mumford and sons.. how come my sisters never comment on my blog?