Thursday, October 6, 2011

like a thief in the night

In the early, early hours of the morning, so early in the morning, the sun was still sleeping, the toddler boy woke-up.

He realized something was wrong.  Something was missing.  And he knew exactly where he had to go to get exactly what he wanted.  So he swung his chubby legs out of his bed and made his way out of his room, walking softly so not to wake his sleeping sister.

Once in the hallway he paused, listening to the sounds of the resting house for just a brief moment before continuing on his covert mission.

He reached the bedroom at the far end of the hall, finding the door open, he knew this was going to be the most dangerous part of all.  Using the lightest, featherweight steps, he made his way past the foot of the bed.  He was almost there.  As he crept alongside the bed, there was stirring from beneath the blankets; he had to move quickly if he was to be successful.

His equally chubby hands reached over the body of his sleeping baby brother, searching for what he yearned the most.  Just as his mother was groggily realizing what was happening, he found it.  He snatched it from the mouth of his brother, turned and faster than his mom could say, "What the heck are you doing?!", he was already down the hall and safely back in his bed.

Binky in his mouth.


maggie said...

Priceless! When are you going to publish? I know deep down inside you are an author -the "running writer".

kmay and mike said...

lol :) good for cade! he's got stealth moves for sure. hahahaha

ericksonzone said...

That is too funny! What a smart little guy to know where to go to get what he wanted. I take it you've taken his away?

Hoovy4 said...

Fantastic! What a little devil!

Melissa said...

This made me laugh, thanks for sharing!

Maytribe said...

He is the best! I can just see him in is waiting for the book!