Wednesday, August 10, 2011

randomness of the rest

Back to documenting our summer travels...

After Yellowstone, I continued on to Utah with the kids.  Four days of hanging out with my sisters wasn't enough.  I extended that by another week.  I love my sisters.  We did a whole lotta not much, it was perfect.  The kids played in pools and now have nice, brown tans with white bums.  It really is so cute.

The first night there I went for a run on a trail by my sisters place.  I was smelling the sweet mountain air mixed with the sweet smell of a late summer rain and could have sworn I was in Zion.  Tongue in cheek, there.  I really could live there though.  Aaron says over his dead body.  I guess my yearly visits will have to do for now.

Back to the running part....I almost died.  The altitude difference is a killer.  I told my sisters that instead of running with a Camelbak filled with water, I needed an oxygen tank supplying me with a steady stream of the life sustaining stuff.  I sounded like an asthmatic, gasping for each lungful of air.  By the fifth run, I think I was able to breathe like a native.

"Cheese-its! Cheese-its! Cheese-its! Cheese-its!"  Who knows that reference?

I swear this big, little guy has gills behind his ears.  The no fear in this kid, equals plenty of fear for his mother who was watching him.

Would you believe this weather was on the same day?  But even the stormy weather couldn't dampen my spirits, for I was able to partake of Lone Star Taqueria.  I'll say it over and over and over, that is the best Mexican food money can buy.  Period.

And then, fast-forward to driving home.  This is a snapshot of where I received, I believe, my last speeding ticket before I was kicked off my parents' insurance back when I was a single gal.  Just one of the many reasons my parents loved me then.  It will come as no surprise that it happened in Oregon.  Any one of you who has traveled that road from Washington to Utah knows just how much it sucks to go from cruising right along at about 80 mph, only to be forced to slow all the way to 65 mph.  The cost of not adhering to their speed limit law was almost a cool $350.  I was going way, way over 65.


Jolie said...

cute water babies, Rach!

I love the upside cowboy boots at the Lone Star. very cool.