Thursday, June 2, 2011

sasquatch sighting

My sister, Lael drove to my place on Sunday.  And then Monday, together we drove even further east to a little place called The Gorge at George.  We went there for the last day of the four-day Sasquatch Music Festival.  The order of photos might make no sense at all.  Just go with it.

There were a few other people besides us.

Entering the belly of the beast.  This particular music festival attracts a lot of hippies and hipsters.  My sister and I fell somewhere in between those two extremes.

Here's a snapshot of all the bands who performed on Monday:
And this is who we saw:  Young the Giant, The Young Evils, Noah and the Whale, Axis of Awesome, ((watch the swears on that video :45-:49ish & 4:57-5:01ish )) Chromeo, White Arrows, White Denim, and Foster the People.

Hi, Lael.

Amazing views to match the amazing music.  Plus, the amazing guy brushing his teeth in the bottom left corner of the picture.

This guy was there.

One of the millions of knockoff Ray Bans.  I do believe this guy wore them best.

Remember when I said there were a lot of people?

Some very important information was being passed around.

Lots of cuffed pants being worn by boys.

Look!  A rock star who tucks his shirt in!

And the main reason my sister and I went to this little shin-dig:
We listened to the two bands before them play just so we could be right up front for their set.  Imagine our surprise, when right before it started, we turn around and see that everybody else and their dog have joined us.

The press photographers were also enamored with them. 

Awesome band.  Awesome band.  Awesome band.  Awesome band.  Awesome band.

I love them.

Lael loves them, too.

FYI to all you who live in close proximity to SLC, Foster the People will be playing at the Urban Lounge on June 7th.  Which means you can watch them perform for a mere $12.75!!  Steal of a deal.  Buy your tickets now.  You won't regret it.

And because they aren't some huge band yet, they helped with the setup and take-down of their equipment.  Nice boys.  They know that when you're helping, you're happy.

The rain began when we were leaving.  Perfect timing.

It was a great day.


kmay and mike said...

Fabulous photos! I can't wait to see them on Tuesday. I am buying my tickets today. Oh and I think Mike and I will go and buy knock off Raybans and cuff our skinny jeans just for the show. Well probably just me, Mike's not really a scenster like me :)

The Royals said...

Lael looks exactly like I remember your mom looking when we were growing up! You're a pretty lady, Lael.

Scott said...

Glad you got to see Axis of Awesome too!

kyejanay said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! I wanted to go this year so bad, maybe next year :)

Jolie said...

Sweeeeet! I love Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People. I think it's because its sound and feel take me back to "the good ol' days" of summer camp when I was a youngin'.
I have yet to get to the Gorge. One of my favs is Dave Matthews Band and they play the Gorge every year; it's one of their favorite venues.

SSToone said...

Thanks for the band recommendation! Realized I'd heard them on The End already.