Monday, June 6, 2011


Yesterday would have been the old man's 60th birthday.

We celebrated with his favorite cake, yellow with chocolate frosting, and his favorite ice cream, rocky road.  We sang "Happy Birthday", and the kids blew out the candles.

And here's the email I sent out:

brothers and sisters of mine,

Um....if any of you talk to Dad today, will you please have him call me.  I've been trying to call and wish him a happy birthday, but he's not picking up.

Do you think that joke is ever going to get old?  'Cause Dad's not.  ba-dum-da!

love you more than a good joke,

happy birthday, dad!


Maytribe said...

You keep waiting for him to pick up the phone...I just want the hug!. The hoovys and puyallup mays and I didn't have cake, but we did have Rocky Road, YUMMMMM!! Love you ....and no, the joke won't ever get old.

Jolie said...

hey, the man had good taste. The combo of yellow cake + choco. frosting is my fav too!
Love the cute little newborn in the background!!