Friday, June 17, 2011


Oh, geez, I forgot to tell you.

Mr. Smith has been done with school since last week.

And today is the kids' last day of school.

The Mr. took the two older boys on the Father/Son camp out yesterday and they will hopefully return home in one piece sometime tomorrow afternoon.  With less mosquito bites than last year.  I don't think I could count that high again.

I was looking at the calendar and our summer weekends are already totally booked.  All of them.  How does that even happen?  Lots of driving with multiple trips over to the west side of the state, Yellowstone and possibly Utah.  Oh, be still my grumbling tummy!  But the thought of enjoying Lone Star Taqueria makes my mouth water.  And I can never forget the pure lovejoy I feel when stuffing my face at Moochies.  Sigh.  A girl can only hope.

That's it.  It's been decided.  I am going to Utah.  With an empty stomach.

That's all, ya'll.


kmay and mike said...

I had Lonestar last weekend and it was delicious!