Monday, May 9, 2011

notable notes

The first note is proof to me that I don't completely suck at being a mom.

And with all due respect to Ms. Keller, this is a note I left on someone's truck at Fred Meyer's.  I suppose they wanted to see how close they could get to the van without actually touching it.


Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

That note from Corgan is too cute. I love the Napoleon Dynamite-esque "delicious food" and then the "perfect dessert" too. So funny! And your note is priceless. Hope your van didn't get banged up!

kmay and mike said...

Corgan mentioned food twice. You much be a real good cook!
p.s. i didn't give mom the recipe, but i haven't burned it yet either!

Momoko Photography said...

What up truck driver, you just got schooled!

SSToone said...

Wow this is awesome! Burn... I shared it with my brothers because it was so good. My husband said that you should have written "P.S. There's no braille on the side of my car."

Jolie said...

And he'll get his delightful sense of humor from you, too. Hey, whatever our kids want to believe about us is all the better.
For mother's day in our primary their teachers helped the kids write similar notes. In it, Joanna said that I was the best cook in the whole wide world. HAHAHA. Now that is funny.