Friday, April 1, 2011

a list

-Mr. Smith has been enjoying his Spring Break this week.

-Thus the reason for my lack of posts.

-I'm easily distracted with him at home.

-He's leaving me with all five offspring Saturday morning to go and hang with his Dad. His brother and some cousins will be there too, but like a addict and his crack, Aaron goes through withdrawals when he hasn't had his "dad fix" for awhile.

-I'd love to get my "dad fix".

-He'll be back sometime on Sunday.

-Aaron. Not my Dad. I'll be seeing him much later.

-It was so windy today I thought Dorothy was going to show-up and ask which way to the Yellow Brick Road.

-I'm making sugar cookies tomorrow.

-No. You can't have the recipe.

-But if you come over, I'll let you have one.

-Maybe two.

-I started to try and get rid of all the junk in my trunk and the thunder in my thighs.

-I'm turning 30 in August and need to get ready for a new driver's license picture.

-Very important stuff.

-I love you all.


Plain City Dickamores said...

i wish i could see dad too:) you can send me a cookie, i just cant walk on over, wish i could, i would love to live closer to all my sisters:)

maggie said...

OK so he's getting a Dad fix, I need a baby fix. Guess I'll just wait until next weekend. Will there be any cookies left????

Hoovy4 said...

hahahaha! I have that sugar cookie recipe. Not that I wouldn't still come see you to eat some, but I just thought I would gloat.

See you next week!

Raleigh said...

one day that recipe will be mine. one day.

Eat to Live said...

Speaking of cookies, who won the 'name that baby' contest?
Aunt Dorie wants to know.