Friday, February 11, 2011

Today I was multitasking, talking on the phone with my little sister while folding clothes. You know, it really does help make that monotonous task just fly by. It only seemed as if forever was sucked out of my life instead of an eternity.

I told my little sister ((have i mentioned how much she LOVES it when i refer to her as that?)) how I wouldn't hate folding clothes so much if Dad still paid us a nickle for every article of clothing we folded. She agreed that I would totally be a millionaire. Then we remembered that we never actually saw a nickle of those promised nickles. We were duped every time! Sometimes we could not be so very good smart growing up.

Thanks Mom and Dad, for buying my running shoes and track spikes every time I needed them. And food, clothes, and hot water for my hour long showers, and the ba-jillion cans of mousse for my hair.

But Aaron and I make cute grand-kids, so let's call it even, 'kay?


kmay and mike said...

glad i could help pass the time while you do your laundry!:) And I'll let it slide that you called me little twice in one post.
see you in 4 short weeks!
That means your baby will be here in 3!!!