Wednesday, October 27, 2010

you'll have to excuse me,

but I have been way busier than you. Really. You won't believe all of the things I have and haven't done the past few days. Like how I washed three loads of laundry on Saturday but I didn't fold them until yesterday.

Procrastination takes a ton of effort. It's a balancing act of what to put off and for how long. It has taken me all of my 29 years to get it down to a working system.

I've been busy listening to Lily explain to Blake the rules of a Thumb War:

"You go back and forth like this and when you get done saying the song, not singing it, you fight with your thumbs."

She had a lot of fun with that until Blake's thumb-warring skills kicked in, then I was busy telling her that Blake wasn't cheating, he was just born with the innate skill of thumb domination.

I've been busy reading books to Cade. He still has his obsession with cows and has found all the books we have with cows in them and demands that I sit there with him and say "Moo, cow", over and over and over and over and over again until I no longer have a voice. Sometimes he'll trick me and bring out a doggie book. Doesn't he know I much better things to be doing? Like not folding the laundry? Needy kid.

And then I've been busy trying to figure out what the heck in the world Corgan's math homework wants him to do. He's in second grade and I'm already having trouble with the lingo. It takes me hours to decipher the code written in second grade reading level. And there have been times when I've told him to wait until his Dad comes home. He's the math teacher, not me.

I've also been busy trying to speed up and slow down this pregnancy. It is taking forever and going by much too fast. I have just over four months left before another mouth to feed joins our family. We need to find a bigger place to store all of these kids. Have I mentioned that we live in a 900 square foot apartment? The same one we moved into six years ago? I can hear the structural beams creaking and moaning at night and we are definitely about to burst at the seams. So if you could put us on your prayer roll to find a bigger place, my nesting need for more room thanks you.

And now that I'm not busy bloggity-blogging, I can feed my kids breakfast. It's always something with those guys.


Hoovy4 said...

It only took you 29 years to figure out the art of procrastination? It took me at least 32!

Pamela said...

I agree with you on the math thing. It takes me, Justin and both of Justins parents a long time to decipher the "math code"(and Justins dad is an Engineer) I hate how instead of saying what is 1+1 they ask "What is the double fact". It's nonsense, anyways good luck!!!

Josh and Jolie said...

i just love your writing style. it's always so fun to read! where are you going to 'store' your kids?! too funny.
you know Rachel, I think you're just going to have to join us on the dark side and move into 1st ward.
c'mon. the dark side is calling.... ;-)

you must be a master organizer, living in the apt. with 4 youngins. I'm sure you sympathize with the early settlers since you know what it's like to have a growing fam in tight quarters.
good luck finding a place. I'll keep my ears open for ya!

erickson zone said...

Good luck finding a new place! How fun and stressful at the same time. I can't believe that you have just four months left. I loved reading about your "moo cow" adventures with Cade

Kristi Martone said...

Have you checked out those new houses for rent over by the high school-off Capital? They just finished them and plopped FOR RENT signs in the windows this past week! :) Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

funny as usual. :) btw you never got me those dates for March.