Friday, October 22, 2010

kinda a big deal

I have this uncle named Ian. And he is running for the U.S. Senate of Arizona.

I get my curly hair from my mom's side, but more specifically this guy and their sister, Aunt Kori. My mom only has curly hair when she takes a curling iron to it.

Back to Uncle Ian,

He is running as an Independent against none other than John McCain himself.

You can find out more about him here, and here.

He's in the front row, left.

Handsome, ain't he?

And just so you know:

he's a runner.
he can sing,
and play the piano.
he has a lovely wife.
and lots of lovely children.
((i held his daughter when she was only weeks old. and she must have been hungry because she sucked on my arm so hard, she gave me a hickey))
he's pretty dang smart.
he loves his family.

You should vote for him if you live in Arizona. And your friends, so be sure to tell them, too.