Monday, September 27, 2010

hair club for men

Every fall, for the past few years, my husband forgets he owns a razor.

This ritual begins every September in preparation for Halloween. He never knows exactly what his costume will be, but it always involves facial hair of some sort. Last year, a caveman. The year before that, manly dude with huge, huge sideburns and aviator sunglasses. And I think his best costume was when he went as a homeless man. He had our entire ward thinking he was the real thing at the trunk-or-treat. It was awesome.

This year he's decided to also let his hair grow long and lengthy. We still have a month left of this yearly tradition of his, not sure if I'll be able to recognize him when he finally shaves.

One funny thing is that there are two, older men in our ward who sport the bearded look year-round and they've commented on how nice Aaron's beard is looking and want him to not shave it.

I've told him it has to be gone on November 1st or else I'm going to stop shaving my legs.


Rae said...

There must be something about hair and teachers. Chris grows out his hair to shave a mohawk into every year to spray paint green and gold at homecoming- come Octber, things are pretty shaggy around here. He grew his goatee, though, after a teacher tried to recruit him to join the football team (at the urinal, ew) during his first year teaching.

ericksons said...

hilarious! I want to know if he really shaves on Nov 1st. See how he likes it!

The Royals said...

Not shaving your legs would be good incentive!

Plain City Dickamores said...

Jason has been growing his chops out. they are bright red. Love them

Emily and Nathan said...

Nathan tries to let his facial hair go, But one good this about being indebted to the military is he has to shave for work. You could always harass his place of work to have a sticker policy for teachers?

Momoko Photography said...

Not to sound creepy, but he looks rather dashing with facial hair.