Tuesday, August 24, 2010

it has begun

Yesterday was Mr. Smith's first day back to work after playing all summer. His days are now filled with fun union meetings, staff meetings, and harassment meetings until the students return to prison on Thursday.

Good news is that Mr. Smith is the owner of his very own classroom!! The past two years he was a floater, floating around to different classrooms with his cart full of mathematical fun. But now he actually has a place to call home and walls to decorate!

Our own kids won't see the inside of the classroom until September 8th. So my days are filled with hours of t.v., napping on and off, and leaving food on the table so the kids can feed themselves while I go shopping.

You want to come over?


ericksons said...

I would love to. What day is free?

Plain City Dickamores said...

depends on what your leaving your kids to eat:)