Friday, July 9, 2010

potty talk and such

Not too long ago....

Corgan was home from a long day at school and he was playing Lego's with Blake on the kitchen table.

He loudly proclaimed that he had to go "really bad" and walked to the bathroom not more than 10 feet from where he was playing.

I'm in the kitchen and hear what sounds like water falling on a tarp. And being the smart mamma that I am, know that that is not a usual sound to come out of the bathroom. So I go to investigate.

What I find is my oldest, dearest son using the small trash can next to the toilet, as his toilet.

I politely raise my voice at him inquiring the reason for such asinine behavior.

He responded by saying that he "just had to go so, so bad" that he "couldn't wait to lift the lid to use the toilet". So being the smart boy that he is, used the next best thing.

Which earned him the fun job of cleaning the bathroom.

And I about died laughing trying to tell his Dad what happened when he returned home from work.

Now that that's outa the way...

...any of you know of some good places to eat in California? We leave on our super-duper fun, 2 week road trip next week and would like to not eat at McDonald's.

We will be making a huge loop that takes us down to Utah for a couple days of play and then onward to SoCal for the family reunion to end all family reunions. It's gonna be huge.

The return trip will take us up the coast until we hit home base again.

Brave of us to be driving an estimated 2,854 miles with four kids? No.

I believe the words you're searching for are: clinically insane.

But eating good food will make those long miles fly by. So help a sista out, yo!


ericksons said...

Good luck on that trip! You are brave souls. So is your white van working?

Scott said...

It looks like there's a couple of decent places by the beach in Oceanside (fish & chips and a Mexican place) according to Yelp or one of those sites. There's an In n Out 6 minutes from the campground =).

The Dillon 6 said...

can't help you out with food, but my oh my, have FUN!!!!!