Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i'll be on vacation so the calories won't count

Moochies SLC, Utah
Best Meatball sandwiches. Best Philly Cheese Steaks. Best To "Live" for Chocolate Cake.

Lone Star Taqueria
SLC, Utah
Think of the best Mexican restaurant you've ever been to. It sucks compared to this place.

Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery We'll be hittin' up the one in St. George, Utah
Eh. It's a Utah thing. But a really, really good Utah thing.

Nothing Bundt Cake Sandy, Utah
My little sister says it's good, so we're going to try it. Maybe.

Bruges SLC, Utah
I've read where people's testimonies have been strengthened because of this place.

Vintage Cupcakes Ogden, Utah
My older sister says it's better than that "other" cupcake place. I'll let you know my findings when I return 500 pounds heavier from our trip.

Hodad's San Diego, California
I love Guy Fieri. And he loves this place. And so I love it, too. And this place does Bacon Cheeseburgers like Tony Horton does P90X.

In-n-Out Oceanside, California
Can anyone ever visit Southern California and not eat here?

Cafe Rio Utah
I'm almost over this place. But then I start to think of that Sweet Pork and I'm in love all over again.


You think we planned our vacation around places to eat instead of the quality visits with our family??

I'd say you're about 1/3 right. But I'm no good with numbers, so that fraction could be off by a few decimal points.

I'll miss you while I'm gone.


Jill and Joel Gibb said...

Thats MY kind of vacation!! Sounds like the best trip haha!

Plain City Dickamores said...

cant wait to gain the weight with you sista:)lol..but not the 500

Smith Family said...

You should see my list of GF eateries in San Diego. I think San Diego is the place to be if your a celiac. I guess we will both be putting on some pounds. See ya there!

Melissa said...

Have fun and enjoy your food! Good luck with all the driving; you are braver then we are!

~j. said...

If you plan on hiking the Y, let me know, and I'll join you. And this time, I won't let any of my kids pee on you.