Monday, June 28, 2010

the big 1-8 months

It's not everyday he gets whipped cream from the can.

The cause for this sort of unabashed celebration is that my baby is in Nursery now!!! There's no babe on our laps during Sunday School. There's no more, "You get him today, I'm teaching Elders Quorum." Or, "I had him last week, it's your turn."

Because he is now raising Cain in Nursery.

Can I get an Amen??!

Another crazy thought for you to ponder this Monday morning is that if Aaron and I were following our past track record of baby making, I would be scheduled to produce another one this September or October.

And that my friend, is crazy talk.


Hoovy4 said...


Pamela said...

WoW that is probably so nice, both the nursery and being pregnant free :) Thanks for the advice on the running shoes, I will have to try those.

ericksons said...

Was that an announcement? or just a little bit of baby hunger coming out?! ;0)

Smith Family said...

Are you sure :)