Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, we're one big, happy family under the same roof once more.

I returned home safe from being with the girls and Aaron brought all four kids home in one piece, with only a few scratches but no broken bones. He gets an 'A' for effort.

It was a nice little weekend getaway to Spokane.

All of the speakers were great, the music uplifting. Although I couldn't help feeling like I was watching an SNL skit when Jenny Oaks Baker was up on stage. Amazing violinist, no question about that. But there was just something about her that made me think Tiny Hands was going to walk out on stage with her. That would have been awesome.

The theme was all about hope. They suggested making a 'hope list'. So here's mine.

I hope that...

-i will be a better mom.
-i can run without pain.
-i will study the scriptures more.
-the 60 mph gusts of wind will finally stop and i can send my kids outside without fear of them being blown away to the Land of Oz.
-our van will run properly.
-i will be a better visiting teacher.
-aaron will be home on wednesday for our taco lounge celebration of cinco de mayo. it's seriously good eats.
-lily's two-week success in primary is permanent and that i won't have to worry about her running out of her class anymore. yes, lily is that kid in primary.
-we will be able to move out of this 900 square foot apartment soon. the walls are closing in.
-i will be a better wife.
-my baby-hunger pains will go away. i asked a complete stranger at the conference if i could hold her baby. i couldn't help myself. he was just teeny-tiny and so stinkin' cute. i'm in some serious trouble, people.

I've decided hope is kind of like wishing, except I have to be proactive. I can't just rub a lamp and have the genie inside make all the things on my 'hope list' magically come true.

Something I really wish I could wish for is to have Gordy's Sichuan Cafe move here. In my kitchen. We ate there on Friday night on repeated recommendation from our bestest friends in the whole wide world.

You ever heard or P.F. Changs? Well, that stuff is crap compared to what they cook up at Gordy's. I ate so much that I was in pain for hours afterward. But I still wanted more. Good news is that Aaron's cousin is getting married at the Spokane Temple in June and I've already informed him that we will be eating there on our way home. And we'll be ordering one of everything.

To recap...I was spiritually fed and physically fed in Spokane. Hopefully I will remember those things I was taught and apply them to my daily life. And that the next time I eat at Gordy's, I will exercise some restraint and eat until I am 80% full and not rolling out the door.



Pamela said...

Sounds like an amazing time!! I love Time Out!!!! I hope you guys can find a bigger place, and that the wind will stop. That is the one thing I don't miss about Ellensburg :)

Emily and Nathan said...

Time out was great!! So glad I was able to go and bump into you!