Thursday, May 27, 2010

eyes wide shut

I'm going to spend the rest of my day inside with the blinds drawn tight.

No, Twi-hards, my skin hasn't started sparkling like diamonds in the noon day sun. My eyes feel like they're being stabbed by tiny little men with pitchforks because of being dilated at the eye doctor.

It's even a cloudy day.

Found out I still have 20/20 vision, I'm just a wee bit near sighted and could probably benefit from occasionally using eye wear.

I can't lose my perfect vision. It's one of the two things I can always throw in Aaron's face and taunt him with when I'm being extremely nice.

"Hey Rachel, what page is the opening hymn on?"

"Well, if you can't read it, I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to hum along."

I'm the nicest at church.

The other thing I have over him is getting a better drive test score when getting our drivers licenses. Who cares if he had to parallel park a Vanagon? I had to take my using a stick shift. Boo-yah.

But if you happen to knock on my door today and I answer wearing my sunglasses and I'm yelling at my kids to be quiet, you'll know that it's not because of a hangover. And that I'm always yelling at my kids. They're loud.


~j. said...

It's the weirdest feeling. Makes me tired. Good luck with the day!

Josh and Jolie said...

last month I took Jaclyn to the eye doc to get her tested. They put those drops in but, of course, she FREAKED out and thrashed around. So the drops got in her left eye but not in her right. You should have seen how freaky she looked 10 minutes later when only one eye was dilated!!