Monday, April 19, 2010

ree and me

I did a few fun things this past weekend.

I tried the Netti. But I won't be posting any pictures from that. You're welcome.

Well, maybe just one.


But the real highlight besides clearing my sinuses out was waiting for three hours to have one minute with Ree.


There was a ton, a TON of people there, all wanting and waiting to have their books signed by her. I even ran into an old friend from high school who was there with his wife and kid. What a good guy.

When I told my husband about going, all he said was, "Have fun." But I guess he was present for the labor and delivery of our four babies. I'll let this one slide.

While we killed time, the boys dined on kid-friendly pizza and fries and root beer.

They played in the kid containment area for just a bit before I spied a friend already in line. Well, a friend of a friend, but friend enough for me to shimmy in line with her.

That sweet move right there saved me at least three more hours of waiting. No joke. That's how many people were there to see the Pioneer Woman and her red hair.

And just so you know, I only cut in line for the sake of my kids. It was their bedtime and I was trying to avoid major meltdowns that would have eventually happened. Disaster averted.

Once in line, it was still an hour before we got to the table where she was signing books. Have I mentioned how many people were there? Because there was a lot.

I found a few books to put on my must-read list.

And I'm sure Blake made some poor employee work extra hard for their money with all the books he rearranged.

And then all of a sudden it was our turn!!! How quickly those three hours seemed to have flown right by when we were finally there with her. Standing next to her. Thinking of how much horse pockey it is she makes fun of her love handles. She is really very slender. And so stinkin' cute. And nice. And funny. And sweet. She said she wanted to keep Cade. I know she says that about every baby, but it still was awesome she said it about one of mine.

Here's my cookbook:

Did you read that?

Love to Rachel.

I'm pretty positive that she only wrote that in mine. Everyone else has "I like you", or "You had on a nice shirt."

But she sent her love to me.

I love la-la-land sometimes.

And Ree.

She makes good food.


Plain City Dickamores said...

So glad you got to meet her. It was exactly the way i felt when i met Mary Higgins Clark:)

Maria said...

I am so green with envy you got to meet her!!! We went to the spring fair instead. I am so glad you had fun!!

Crysler's said...

the Netti Pot is the weirdest thing ever. I hated every second of it and it made my ears hurt so I can't even use it. Waste of Money for me!! Glad it worked for you though!