Wednesday, April 21, 2010

big little boy

His birthday was on Monday.

How old are you now Blake?

I seem to have a problem.

Looking back at some pictures of him, I noticed that I take a lot of him eating and drinking.

Not sure why.

Probably has something to do with how cute he is when he eats.

I know I wouldn't want anyone taking pictures of me while I'm eating.

Especially if I looked like this:

But until he tells me to stop, I'll continue my habit.

And it looks like Cade is destined to the same fate.

I do have a problem.


Plain City Dickamores said...

Glad Blake had a great birthday:) ANd yes he is cute eating!!!

Pamela said...

Happy Birthday Blake!!! He is so cute, and I am sure when he grows up he will love all those pictures of him eating:)

The Dillon 6 said...

happy birthday, big boy!!!

The Royals said...

He is very adorable when he eats. I would keep taking pictures if he keeps being cute while eating, even if he asked me to stop!