Wednesday, April 28, 2010

keen observation

I noticed something last night.

Casey Jones and I have the same hair.

His probably has highlights in it and is styled by a professional each week; but we definitley have the same hair.

And if he's a girl like I am, he has a love/hate relationship with his hair like I do.

And I bet he doesn't use any Dove products, because that product line is magic potion for frizzy hair.

My word of advice to him is that maybe if he cuts his hair, he'll sing better.


Emily and Nathan said...

You know I can totally see it! I also think maybe we should test out your theory about him singing better with shorter hair.

P.S. It looks like we are moving into your ward. Offers were accepted and we are moving forward with closing.

ray-ray says said...

So you've finally seen the light and are going to be in the holier of the three wards?

Nice. See you on Sunday! ;)

Josh and Jolie said...

I wish I had curly hair like you guys AND could sing and play guitar. Then I'd have it all!!