Friday, March 12, 2010

summer state of mind

I want summer to be here.

So I can eat this on the 4th of July:

So the kids can play in the sprinklers and get sunburned.

So we can go body surfing in the waters of Southern California.

So I can finally make it back to Ozette. It's been too long.

So I can eat some freshly picked raspberries that have been warmed by the hot sun.

So we can let the kids play on the beaches of Oregon.

So we can eat at Lone Star Taqueria again. And again.

And so we can eat at Moochies again. And again. And maybe again.

We like summertime around here.


Beth Tunnell said...

ditto. But I don't think we'll be traveling so much. Because I'm a whiner when I have the travel buns.

AmyLee said...

Mmmm, those raspberries look amazing. I want summer to be here too, so I can RUN outside again, and ride my bike again, and have an outside baby!!

AMEN to this post, sister!

The Dillon 6 said...

um, yeah -- except that not many of those things are "here" -- they're "there"

I'm looking forward to a good summer, too.