Tuesday, January 19, 2010

keep calm and carry on

It's been a roller coaster of emotions the past couple of weeks.

Cade had his first birthday on the 5th.

My Dad passed away on the 8th.

Nephew Caleb was baptized on the 9th.

Having my brothers and sisters and their kids, together with my Mom. All 34 of us.

His funeral was Friday the 15th.

And now we're home getting back into the routine of things once more.

He's carrying on the work on the other side and we're left to carry on here.

And like someone said this past week, "The Gospel gives us comfort. But this still sucks."

my dad with cade right after he was born last year


Puhlman said...

Rachel....still thinking of you. I agree it SUCKS big time. Even though we know we will be together with our loved ones it is so hard to not be with them here too. Such a sweet picture of Cade and your dad.

I wish I could say something for profound to make you feel a bit better but I know it takes time to heal.

More prayers....

Kari said...

I love that he is in a suit at the hospital. I think I can a remeber a few times when I saw your Dad in street clothes. I hope your doing ok, we are still praying for you!

The Dillon 6 said...

the suit makes me laugh.

but it still sucks. it really does. but love doesn't. love is forever.

~j. said...

So, so very sorry.

What a beautiful photo.

Josh and Jolie said...

they always say that it's the hardest for those of us still left here, that once we pass through the veil some day, we'll understand just how much more glorious and wonderful it is on the other side. It's the longing to be with them again that hurts. It's the missing them like crazy part. But some day we'll all be reunited with our loved ones and thank our loving God for parting the veil enough so we could be given the truths about eternal life so that the sting of death does not have to destroy our lives.
As the song goes, "there is hope smiling brightly before us..."

all my love.