Friday, August 21, 2009

utah 2009

I thought about breaking this up into different posts. But then I thought, nope. So here is one humongous post of our road trip down to Zion.

We really did leave at the crack of dawn.

middle of Idaho

potty break

water park in Ogden

kids with their older Brother

hiked up Mt. Timpanogos

lucky enough to hike the 'Y' with her

then climbed it again with the fam two days later

and then ran up it the next morning

saw a few of these beauties...nine to be exact



Salt Lake
only in Utah

we tried to eat at places that weren't well known to the usual traveler. going off the advice of Guy Fieri, and friends and family, we found some pretty tasty spots.

Cafe Rio, of course.

Burger Bar in Roy, Utah.
the burgers were, eh.
but the shakes were glorious!!
enjoyed eating the four cupcakes from this place
and the ice cream from here

this is where I want to eat everyday for the rest of my life.
meatball sandwiches....philly cheese steaks. they will rock your world.
"this is money"

and this place is seriously heaven on earth.
we almost didn't go. but I am sure glad we did. it is THE BEST mexican food, EVER!!! everything there is amazing!! we will go there every time we're down that way.
can you hear my stomach? it wants more of that food now.

it's even good when you're driving 70 mph down the freeway.
heading up to Wellsville

Cache Valley
yay! we're going home!

this is how I roll...

home, sweet, home

The Wedding
August 16th, 2009
Mike and Kristin Sickle
Rose Sachs Gardens

me and my groomsman, Justin

pretty little flower girls


it's official
the old man can still move


Josh and Jolie said...

I really enjoyed this post! First of all, you take some of the best pictures! Your sister looked so so beautiful on her wedding day. I love her dress! AMAZING. And you and Lily looked so pretty too!

Smith Family said...

Looks like fun! Are you ready to roll again in other two weeks?

ericksons said...

Love the pictures. What a fun way to post. I want to go to that Mexican Food Place. Surprisingly we've found some good places to eat out here in Othello.

Mojo said...

Everyone looks so good!!!