Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 years ago...

...we were married at high noon, just like they do it in Texas. ((where he served his mission))

Our YSA Branch President was in the sealing room, and told me later, that at exactly 12:22pm, we were officially hitched for Time and all Eternity.

It was a good feeling.

And still is, eight years and four kids later.

Happy Anniversary, you sexy man, you!!

And for our dessert tonight, we're partaking of this weeks TWD.

Lisa from Surviving Oz, won the new logo contest and the chance to be the picker of recipe for the week.

And she picked a winner. Tribute to Kathrine Hepburn Brownies. Funny name. Fantastic brownies.

If you loooooove chocolate--like me--and loooooove a really intense chewy, chocolaty, crunchy brownie, then make these tonight. I'll bet you have everything you need in the cupboard.

i left out the cinnamon and instant coffee))

We had ours with ice cream....mmmmm.

Happy Anniversary, indeed.


Kari said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mojo said...

Wow! eight years! Way to go, you're now past the seven year itch.